Fists fly at semi-pro soccer match in Irvine, CA, leaving a teen with a broken nose and a parent unconscious

A semi-pro soccer match in Irvine, California, turned violent when a fight broke out, leaving a teen player suffering a broken nose and a parent knocked unconscious. The brawl broke out following a match between Irvine Zeta FC U23 and Club Garrafones, with witnesses reporting that players and spectators from both teams were involved.
Bryan Wallace, coach of Irvine Zeta FC U23, said that the brawl began after one of his players exchanged words with an opponent. "Another player came out from behind and punched him in the face," Wallace told CBS Los Angeles. "It was by far the most disgusting thing I've ever experienced and been a part of, to see adults assaulting minors."
One of Wallace's players, a 16-year-old, suffered a broken nose in the brawl. His family said that the injury could impact his college recruitment. A parent of one of the players was also knocked unconscious in the brawl.
The Irvine Police Department is currently investigating the brawl, but no arrests have been made. The United Premier League (UPL), the league in which both teams play, has issued a statement condemning the violence and saying that it is "committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all players, spectators, and officials."
The Irvine brawl is raising concerns about the level of sportsmanship in semi-pro soccer. Some have called for the UPL to take stricter action against teams and players involved in violence. Others have said that the incident is a reminder that sports should be about fair play and competition, not violence.


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