By Marlissa Collier, NewsUSA Reporter

Los Angeles union claims striking hotel workers are being replaced by unhoused migrants

Striking hotel workers in Los Angeles are reportedly being replaced by unhoused migrants according to claims made by the union Unite Here Local 11. The claims alleges that some hotels in the city are hiring newly arrived asylum seekers staying at a Skid Row shelter to work as cleaners, despite the fact that striking workers are picketing outside.
The Unite Here Local 11 union, which represents the striking workers, claims that this is a deliberate attempt by the hotels to break the strike. The union has also raised concerns about the working conditions of the unhoused migrants, alleging that they are being paid below minimum wage and forced to work long hours without breaks.
The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office has opened an investigation into the labor practices at the hotels in question. The investigation is focused on potential wage theft and child labor law violations.
The claims of unhoused migrants being used to replace striking workers have sparked outrage among labor activists and community groups. Many people are concerned that this is a sign of growing exploitation of vulnerable workers in Los Angeles.
The striking hotel workers are demanding better wages, benefits, and working conditions. They have been on strike since July, and the strike has affected about 50 hotels in Southern California.
It is important to note that the claims of unhoused migrants being used to replace striking workers have not been independently verified. However, the allegations are serious, and the investigation by the District Attorney's Office is ongoing.


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